BE·ONE: Up your Foreplay

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Foreplay is one of the best parts of one of the best things in life. That’s why we developed a product for couples to make it more exciting than ever before. It’s called BE·ONE, and it’s the world's first foreplay toy.


with this innovative couples vibrator

With BE·ONE, you remain at the center of your foreplay universe—never the toy. From playful caresses to the throws of passion, you’re always in command of how things feel. BE·ONE helps you discover yourself and your partner in a completely new way. It’s that great skin-on-skin feeling, but with a special extra kick.

You could forget you’re even holding a BE·ONE. It goes right between your index and middle fingers and gives you a totally new way to touch. The best part is discovering all the different places it feels good. Touch, tickle, and treat yourselves to a new way of touching. The four vibration levels and the varying rhythm settings are sure to give you goosebumps like you’ve never seen before.

BE ONE Couples Vibrator Two Men

Get your touch on!

45 % of people say that touching is the best proof to them of their partner’s affection. It’s no wonder—when people touch each other, it releases the “love hormone” ocytocin. Stress levels decline, blood pressure even goes down.

BE·ONE was developed to give couples a way to amplify touching and caressing in their relationships. Especially for anyone new to the world of toys, it’s a perfect introduction because it emphasizes intimacy and being close. Trying out new things is important: 78% of women agree that sex toys are a welcome addition to their sex lives. But who cares what the statistics say. The best way to understand BE·ONE is to just try it!

FUN FACT: The longer foreplay lasts, the more likely a woman is to reach orgasm.



Couple using BE·ONE foreplay toy

Years of research and a whole lot of power went into this little foreplay toy. Two quiet-but-mighty motors are mounted inside the innovative shell. It’s a foreplay toy that makes the human touch the star of the show.

Made of 100% body-friendly materials, the BE·ONE is waterproof and super-easy to clean. Its compact dimensions mean you can put it in any bag when your travels could lead to FUN. The accompanying case ensures it stays clean—on the road, or in your nightstand. BE·ONE is ready when you are!


Take touching to a completely new level with BE·ONE. During foreplay, and after! Because who knows what you’ll think up once the hands start doing the talking. One thing we do know: The foreplay revolution has begun.

Get your touch on—with BE·ONE.

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