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When people with penises masturbate, they usually use their own hands, not special sex toys. The attitude seems to be "never change a winning team,” and so some people miss how innovative masturbator technology can offer targeted pressure and rhythmic massage. But anyone who thinks this way is not only missing out on unprecedented pleasure, but also orgasms on a whole new level. Read ahead to see five really good reasons to try electric masturbators, learn everything important about buying a masturbator, and see what to consider before, during, and after a vibrator-enhanced solo sesh.


Throughout this post, we’re using the word “man” to mean “person with a penis.” We know that not all men have penises, and not all people with penises are men. In this post, though, we’re using this imprecise definition because people searching for penis toys use “for men” as a search term. We want to offer good information to the people who seek it, and we’re meeting them where they are.

Table of Contents

1. Numbers, Data, Facts: This Is How Often Men Masturbate in Germany

2. 5 Reasons Why YOU Need a Masturbator

The Hot Spot Factor: The Frenulum

More Intense, Longer-Lasting Orgasms

Variety Rules!

Next-Level Blowjobs

A FUN Upgrade, From Foreplay to Finale

3. What to Consider Before Buying a Masturbator

4. Our Tips for Using and Caring for Electric Masturbators

Numbers, Data, Facts: This Is How Often Men Masturbate in Germany

The market research institute Appinio surveyed 1,400 people on the topic of sexuality on our behalf. The results: 55% of the men surveyed say they masturbate several times a week. What's exciting is that although the majority (56.5%) say they are basically open to sex toys, just 12.6% use them "about once a week," whether alone or with a partner. On the other hand, this means that sex toys generally aren’t used when masturbating. When asked why they don’t use sex toys, around 40% of respondents answered that they don't need them to find masturbation fulfilling. So far, so good.
However, we’d guess the respondents haven't even tried a vibrator for men. It’s sad to know what all these people are missing out on day after day! We hope you’ll read more about penis vibrators and make up your own mind.

5 Reasons Why YOU Need a Male Masturbator

We know this for sure: A life without a masturbator is possible, but pointless. To get the most out of your climaxes from now on, read these five points about male masturbators.


The Hot Spot Factor: The Frenulum

Das Frenulum ist die anatomische Bezeichnung des Vorhautbändchens, das Eichel und Vorhaut miteinander verbindet. Und – ein Geheimtipp in Sachen Hotspots. Denn was viele nicht wissen, ist, dass hier zahlreiche hochempfindliche Nervenenden zusammenlaufen und die gezielte Stimulation des Frenulums – zum Beispiel mit einem vibrierenden Masturbator wie unserem MANTA – zu oft noch intensiveren Orgasmen führt. Im Gespräch mit FUN FACTORY bestätigt auch ein Bremer Urologe: „Tatsächlich ist das Frenulum der erogenste Punkt des Penis und bei der Masturbation reicht es daher theoretisch aus, das Bändchen ganz gezielt zu stimulieren, um zum Orgasmus zu kommen.“

How To Use Penis Vibrator MANTA – FUN FACTORY

More Intense, Longer-Lasting Orgasms

Penis orgasm 2.0: Too many people are unaware of the pleasure potential of the frenulum, the small, V-shaped area on the underside of the penis. By ignoring this body part, they are missing out on a completely different type of pleasure. The German urologist says: "If the frenulum is specifically stimulated, the feeling during [play] as well as the actual climax is completely different from the orgasm at the end of a classic masturbation [session]." “Different,” in this case means “even more intense, deeper, and longer-lasting.”

The reason: The frenulum is surrounded by highly sensitive Pacinian corpuscles (also: Vater-Pacini corpuscles), which perceive pressure changes and vibrations on the skin particularly sensitively. (These same corpuscles are also present in the clitoris.) Focusing a vibrating sex toy, like our MANTA male masturbator, directly on the frenulum opens up a whole new world of sensations and can culminate in an incomparable orgasm. All it takes is the right toy and patience, because F-spot sensations build slowly before arriving at an explosion of pleasure. But your waiting will be rewarded, because with a little practice, it’s possible to have multiple orgasms in a row through frenulum stimulation.

Penis Vibrator MANTA – FUN FACTORY

Variety Rules!

This much is for sure: We don’t want climaxes as usual, because habituation has been proven to reduce orgasm intensity. That’s why it’s important to target different hot spots and vary types of stimulation during solo FUN. This is easiest with a vibrator for men—like our MANTA vibrating stroker or our COBRA LIBRE II penis-tip vibe—and the right mindset.

For orgasms on a whole new level, take your time and settle into a place where you can relax completely, without distractions or interruptions. Create the right mood with dimmed lights, your favorite music, or porn. After that, experiment different placements of the penis vibrator against the frenulum, and find a position that feels really good.
Once you have found your F-spot, stay there and start with the lowest level of vibration. If you like, increase the pressure or add a slight up-and-down motion to the pinpoint vibration. A little TOYFLUID (or other water-based lubricant) will offer long-lasting glide. And the best thing is: All this works even without an erection.

To delay your climax and increase your orgasm intensity even more, you can experiment with targeted "edging." That term means: Shortly before reaching the big O, reduce the toy’s vibration intensity, give yourself a short cool-down, and then increase the intensity again so you finally come explosively. If fumbling around with MANTA's buttons and stroking at the same time is too complicated for you, you can choose one of the pre-installed vibration patterns.

Couple with Penis Vibrator MANTA – FUN FACTORY

Next-Level Blowjobs

MANTA makes for a brilliant blowjob upgrade. The blower simply has to hold MANTA, our penis vibrator, around the shaft, or rhythmically stroke it during oral. The result is a fabulous deep-throat sensation.
Beware: If you don't want to come before penetrative sex, choose a low vibration setting.

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A FUN Upgrade, From Foreplay to Finale

For couples who like to experiment, a penis vibrator can open up a whole new world of electrifying climaxes. Creative people experiment with the features of their masturbator and the hot spots of their partner. Thus, a male masturbator becomes a couples’ vibrator in no time. If, for example, one partner has a clitoris, it can also be stimulated with a "men's vibrator" (and so can nipples, the labia, and so on).

During couples’ play, place MANTA or COBRA LIBRE ll between your bodies to feel the full intensity of the powerful vibrations on both sides. The latter is especially good when you want to have FUN without an erection. Your partner can simply grind against the outside of the toy.

Will this be your first time playing with a toy? Then talk about it and make the toy purchase a shared experience. If you have a particular sex toy in mind, look at it together in the online store, or browse our colorful toy selection. Another approach: Both people look alone first and create their own personal top three. Then, both present the results to their partner. Is there a toy that interests both of you? Bingo! If not, tell each other what you like about your top three and what you’d want to do with the toys. Most likely, the conversation will inspire you to agree on a toy to try together.

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What to Consider Before Buying a Male Masturbator

All FUN FACTORY toys are made in Bremen, Germany and have been for more than 25 years. Some of them are still handmade to this day! What we have always stood for is top-quality, durable, body-safe materials and eco-friendly manufacturing. What's more, our rechargeable sex toys are equipped with a practical travel lock. As for the price? It's worth it to invest in your own FUN.

Penis Vibrator MANTA in the shower - FUN FACTORY

Our Tips for Using and Caring for Electric Masturbators

Clean your penis vibrator after and before each use, including the first one, with our TOYCLEANER (it’s travel-friendly) or with mild soap and warm water. During play, use a water-based lubricant for long-lasting glide and to protect the velvety silicone. Use our convenient USB charging cable to charge your toy and our washable, lint-free TOYBAG to store your toy or pack it for travel.

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