Best Sex Toys For Your BFF

Whether your best bud’s birthday is coming up or they just went through an awful breakup, a sex toy is a gift they’re sure to make use of. This guide makes it easy for you to pick one that’s perfect for your platonic soulmate.

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#1 Stronic G

For the single BFF who just wants to get laid…

These toys thrust and pulse in different speeds and patterns, hands-free! Your bestie just gets to lie back and enjoy that back-and-forth motion. Try the glowingly reviewed pulsator STRONIC G, which is curved to give the G-spot the rhythmic massage that makes it feel amazing.


#2 Volta

For the BFF who wants to Get. Things. Done.

No two ways about it, the VOLTA is ridiculously powerful. Its tapping tips make its already-strong vibration feel even stronger, and when you focus it on the clit, you get results. If your pal just needs more and better orgasms, this toy is what’s up.


#3 Ocean

For the BFF who’s never owned a sex toy…

If your bestie isn’t sure what they like yet, get them something both versatile and affordable. This smooth silicone vibrator is a longtime customer favorite for its G-spot-friendly shape that also feels amazing on the clit. The OCEAN has six speeds and six patterns, and it’s super quiet, so your BFF can explore discreetly. Plus, it’s 100% waterproof for bathtime fun!


#4 Miss Bi

For the BFF who wants to expand their orgasm…

Developed over many rounds of testing and feedback to find the best-fitting, best-feeling shape for a dual action vibrator, MISS BI hits the clit and the G-spot perfectly every time. Its two powerful motors are controlled separately, and you can even save a favorite combo of settings. Many people need both G-spot and clitoral stimulation in order to reach orgasm, and MISS BI makes it effortless!


#5 Manta

For the BFF who wants help spicing things up…

This vibrating stroker isn’t just a great masturbation toy: it’s an incredible couples vibrator. It takes BJs to a whole new level with a vibrating deep throat feeling, and when it’s used during intercourse, it turns the penis into a vibrator! Whether your bestie wants spicier solo sessions or a way to make partner sex even more memorable, they’ll be pretty darn excited to open up a MANTA.


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